It is a safe place where I know my child has great opportunities to learn and develop.
Child focussed and consideration for the whole family unit with communication to match. Having a child now in reception class at primary school this is something that is sadly missing. – As a relatively shy child, the nursery fostered a sense of community in which he was both supported and given the space to develop and grow in confidence whilst he was away from the family unit. For us as parents we were confident that he was in safe hands.
Moseley Montessori is a second home for our daughter. The staff are so caring and genuinely interested in the children. She’s a lovely girl and most of the credit lies here.
Major strength is the warmth and positivity of the staff in the baby room and also staff taking on information and suggestions to care for and support our son’s development.
 Incredibly supportive teachers. I feel 100% happy that my son’s best interests are looked after also that his emotional and social needs are met.
 Major strengths lies in the attitude of the staff. I have a lot of confidence in them. I think they encourage the children to be confident and well behaved. I am very happy particularly with the settling in process- very supportive and lots of communication.
 Communication is fantastic, enthusiastic staff – I love! The handover is thorough and very informative.
Managers appear to take on, a hands on approach to the day to day running of the nursery. Managers have sound knowledge about my child’s abilities, care, needs and progress. There is no hierarchy between staff and management.
Staff seem very happy to be at the nursery; the staff are lovely, thoughtful, caring and welcoming. Information is great and frequent about my child’s development.
I think communication at the nursery is brilliant and I think that the equipment is always clean and like new. I have been impressed with the staff.  Staff are outstanding! They made my son’s settling in as painless as possible. He has really bonded with his key person and I think she understands him very well. All the staff work together as a team which is great.
 Very impressed by the kindness of all staff and how they relate to the children. My son's key person has been exceptional - he looks forward to seeing her and his friends every morning.
Major strengths is the communication with parents; meeting the children’s needs as and when they arise. Preparing my child for school is fantastic!.