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The Preschool Montessori Classroom

This is the Montessori term for the combination of three and four-year old children in one classroom. 
The older children act as role models and helpers for the younger ones and the young children see, and are motivated by higher level work.
The nursery follows a traditional Montessori curriculum and uses Montessori manipulative materials, lessons and mixed-age classes.
This philosophy of education is child-centered, rather than the traditional teacher-centered school. Young children are hungry to learn and Montessori children are joyful, active participants in their education.
We are committed to providing a quality education in the Montessori tradition. We will instill a love of learning, sense of wonder, respect for others and the environment, while at the same time encourage imagination and independence.
Please note that children are free to relax and read, paint and draw and have a healthy snack throughout the day.