The Montessori Baby Room

At Moseley Montessori we understand that leaving your child at an early age can be a daunting experience, however we hope that by visiting the unit and meeting our trained staff in a welcoming environment we will put your mind at ease.

The baby room is self-sufficient with play area, rest and sleep areas, milk kitchen, changing facilities and feeding area. There is a shared garden area for outdoor play and the convenience of Moseley Private Park, this is just a short walk away in our triple buggies.
The play area includes sections such as soft play to support physical development, puzzles, construction and mark-making equipment to develop minor motor skills, percussion instruments to develop rhythm and co-ordination, book and cosy corner for stories, rhymes and cuddles, and role-play area for imaginative and symbolic play.
We understand that a baby’s perception of sound, sight, touch, taste and smell is new and acute; therefore we provide many activities that give your baby a variety of opportunities to discover and develop these perceptions. These include messy play activities such as water play, shredded paper, corn flour, sand, pasta, cornflakes and jelly. Sensory light shows, relaxing music and muslin bags filled with different scents that help to simulate a child’s senses. We also use treasure baskets to enable babies to use their senses to learn about the world, these include natural household objects.
A key part of every morning is circle time, where the children can develop their independence and learn early social skills, joining in with actions to songs and rhymes, developing an awareness of others through saying hello to each individual child and recognising positive images of themselves for self-registration.
Respect is our fundamental principle within the baby room and we aim to include babies in every aspect of their care thus promoting their independence. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, homely, calm, consistent and content atmosphere with highly trained first line staff that have a genuine respect for the child and working knowledge of child development.
We use ‘tiny talk’ baby sign language to support pre-verbal communication which aids better understanding for both babies and carers and reduces frustration, boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.
When settling your child into the baby room we take every care and attention to understanding the needs of each individual child and their parents so that those individual needs can be met. Each child is carefully allocated a key worker to support their well-being and to develop positive relationships with both children and parents. Communication books are used daily to feedback on every aspect of your child’s day.