About Moseley Montessori

Baby Room

Moseley Montessori is a private full day care nursery regulated by Ofsted enrolling approximately 50 children ages 6 Months through to school age. We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday 50 weeks of the year.
We at Moseley Montessori Nursery aim:

Toddler Room

Pre - School

To empower children by placing them in a fun, child centred multi-age environment that promotes their innate desire to grow emotionally, artistically, physically, intellectually and academically with a teaching staff that gently guides them to become confident individuals who respect themselves and the world around them.
To provide a warm, secure and caring environment in which each individual child feels safe, comfortable and happy - the welfare of the children placed in our care is of paramount importance.
To provide high quality education and childcare where young children can investigate and explore in a well-planned, imaginative and challenging Montessori environment both indoors and outdoors, where they are encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace and where every day is varied, stimulating and exciting! We aim to provide carefully planned, fun-filled learning activities which are based on our professional knowledge and of the individual interests and needs of each child.
To value each child as an individual. A child's early years are the most formative and childhood is a precious magical time. A young child needs to know that he/she is going to be valued as an individual - this encourages a positive self-image and attitude to learning and high self-esteem.
To create and sustain an optimum Montessori environment and to enable each child to realise his or her richest potential and to become an independent, self-motivating, informed, compassionate and contributing member of the world community.
All children possess qualities that seem to fade with adulthood - the ability to play, a sense of wonder, intense love for others, and freedom from the burdens of time - which allows them to reflect, relax, feed on the richness of life, and learn to their highest potential. We aim to create an environment that is a sanctuary for these qualities.